Back Alley Tango

by Pocket Full of Rye

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Our first single release!
It's a rough mix but whatev's, its free.


-Back Alley Tango-
She found herself alone where nice girls should never go and now she can’t get home
He’s a monster of a man, waits in the shadows to get what he can
They unwittingly decide to forever alter each other’s lives
One gets to walk away but for the other the alley is where they’ll stay

Ch: How do you protect a girl with soft blond curls?
Who’s so all alone and so defenseless?
I’ll tell you how you protect a girl with soft blond curls
Who’s so all alone and so defenseless…

He advances slowly in on the girl with the curls at the alley’s end
He thinks only of his prey, a pretty reward for a long long day
He doesn’t stop to think that he’s gotten himself in too deep
She thinks back on the days when her father taught her his ways

Ch: He taught her, taught her to kill when she was young and clever
He made sure she’d never be defenseless
Her father, he taught her well, and now he knows his little girl with soft blond curls
Now he knows she’ll never be defenseless…

She looks into his eyes, big and wide, pretty blue
“I’m not afraid of you”
He sees the glint of steel, when it’s too late
He doesn’t even feel the blade

Push the knife up; make sure you get the heart
This is the most important part
Make sure your job is through
Make sure he can never come after you

As the blood slowly drains away
Pretty blond curls turns to say…

“I hope you see, it’s monsters like you that make monsters like me”
Those pretty blond curls would be the last thing he’d see
When the sirens came around one pretty blond curl was all they found
One pretty blond curl was all they found


released January 13, 2010
Pocket Full Of Rye


all rights reserved



Pocket Full of Rye San Francisco

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